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Designed with YOUR interests in mind.  After all - your web site is making YOUR statement, not ours.  We're happy to build your web site so that YOU are comfortable with it and will be excited to show it off to the world.




New Design and development:

    (per page for new pages)

    (e-commerce sites additional)

First page


Pages 2-5


Pages 6-10


More than 10 pages


(Cleanup or repair of existing web sites is normally 1/2 of these prices when there aren't any big changes needed.)


Welsh Pony and/or Welsh Cob members/breeders

ask about our SPECIAL low rate


(Now available to all breeds of equine - for equine related web sites)


The webhosting service is structured in two layers - Basic and Premium. The size and number of pages of your site determine which service will be appropriate.  Payment for webhosting is accepted quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

The Basic Web Site plan includes up to 40MB storage for $12/mo (pd quarterly) and includes 5 POP3 (incoming or redirected only) email addresses.

The Premium Web Site plan includes up to 65MB storage for $18/mo (pd quarterly) and includes 10 POP3 (incoming or redirected only) email addresses.

Website development, design & maintenance:

Admin/setup fee per site (each unique URL) $19

Transfer of a current web site to your new hosting site: $30 for basic transfer that doesn't need corrections or maintenance.

Registering your own domain name is separate from hosting and we're happy to provide this service whether or not you purchase our hosting programs. If you are hosting with us, you won't pay an additional administrative fee.

Admin fee for Domain name registration: $10 + registration fee of $14/year (2yrs) to start ($38), registration or renewal of a domain name can be for a period up to 10 years. Any period of 7 years or more and the cost per year is $12. (10 yrs = $120)

Our web hosting customers don't pay the domain name registration admin fee if they decide to purchase their domain name through us.


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